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The Bahnwärter Thiel arts project has been a dynamic venue since 2015. A curious hodgepodge of Munich streetcars and subway cars, artfully painted shipping containers, and a crane form a spectacular backdrop for all of what’s on offer here. The urban garden, the studios and rehearsal spaces see a lot of activity; club nights, flea markets, evening movie screenings and numerous other events embellish the Munich arts scene. There are no limits to the imagination.


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Our aim as a cultural institution is to facilitate cultural activities and to give them visibility. Film is naturally a very important part of this. It has already been our pleasure to host some wonderful events with FILMFEST MÜNCHEN at Minna Thiel, our converted train car in Maxvorstadt. We are now happy to be able to extend this cooperation even further and present some exquisite films this year on the premises of Bahnwärter Thiel.