Kino am Olympiasee

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Held annually from May to September, Kino am Olympiasee is one of Munich’s major summer events. Every evening, films and live entertainment are presented amid the beautiful scenery of the Olympic Park. During the day, the FamilyOpenAir offers shows for the whole family. In 2020, Kino am Olympiasee was Bavaria’s largest cultural venue, with an approved capacity of 528 seats and some 40,000 people attending. The organizers were able to provide a safe venue and a wide range of cultural events — with a proven hygiene concept and everyone spaced apart, of course. This year, it will again be possible to attend without physical contact, so that audiences can relax and enjoy the program from their deckchairs.

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Our collaboration with FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is a great pleasure. We will be deploying a completely new setup in order to be able to show several films every day. All the while, we will be providing Filmfest audiences the safe environment they have come to expect from Kino am Olympiasee.