Together again at last! “FILMFEST MÜNCHEN at Your Cinema” presents the comedy COMMITMENT PHOBIA

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"Commitment Phobia“ / © 2020 Tom Trambow

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In a new format for premieres, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in cooperation with FFF Bayern and Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH will show Helena Hufnagel’s COMMITMENT PHOBIA in numerous cinemas throughout Bavaria and the rest of Germany on July 6 — parallel to the film’s premiere on location in Munich.

Together with FFF Bayern and Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN will extend the festival experience far beyond Munich by bringing Helena Hufnagel’s romantic comedy COMMITMENT PHOBIA, starring Frederick Lau and Luise Heyer, to movie screens nationwide parallel to its premiere at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN and prior to its official theatrical release. Theaters across all of Germany will be participating.


As the film celebrates its world premiere at the Munich open-air institution Kino, Mond & Sterne, the atmosphere of the premiere will be brought to all participating cinemas through the virtual presence of the stars.


 “We aim for this collaborative project to give a further impetus to movie theaters in Germany. With the whimsical contemporary comedy COMMITMENT PHOBIA and our two terrific partners, we are bringing FILMFEST MÜNCHEN to German cinemas. In one evening, audiences all across Germany will enjoy a great film together, marvel together, laugh together and later talk about the scenes they liked best.” — Diana Iljine, festival director, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN


“This excellent initiative will bring FILMFEST MÜNCHEN to lots of movie theaters live, giving movie fans across Germany the opportunity to experience the typical FILMFEST MÜNCHEN vibe on the big screen and in the auditorium. Audiences can look forward to the romantic comedy COMMITMENT PHOBIA by director Helena Hufnagel, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Hilly Martinek. Finally, it’s back to the movies!” — Dorothee Erpenstein, managing director, FFF Bayern


COMMITMENT PHOBIA is based on the best-selling nonfiction book by Michael Nast. The film was produced in part with funds from FFF Bayern. Helena Hufnagel’s second feature film (after EINMAL BITTE ALLES) focuses on the Tinder generation. In this well-cast comedy, Frederick Lau and Luise Heyer are an “odd couple” who play off each other with a lot of verbal wittiness. COMMITMENT PHOBIA opens in cinemas across Germany on July 29. The film is distributed by Warner Bros.