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Friday, 6/16/2017

AMERICAN VALHALLA about Josh Homme and Iggy Pop


  • FILMFEST MÜNCHEN presents the German premiere of "American Valhalla". The doumentary by Andreas Neumann and Josh Homme follows the collaboration between the "Queens of the Stone Age" front man Homme and Iggy Pop, the "Godfather of Punk"
  • Josh Homme will attend FILMFEST MÜNCHEN in person

Who would have thought Grammy winner and Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme is a sensitive guy who keeps a diary? Working with Godfather of Punk Iggy Pop, he jotted down every tiny detail, reflecting on his enthusiasm for rocking with Iggy and the responsibility that comes with it. Iggy, in contrast, takes it all with a grain of salt. He prattles on like a real punk icon should: Sure, his songs could have been better if he hadn't been so wasted… Then he shares details of the creative process that went into his new album, the joint tour with Homme, and reminisces about his former comrade in arms David Bowie.

"American Valhalla", the new doc by photographer Andreas Neumann and Josh Homme himself, follows the footsteps of these two rock gods: Iconic iconoclast Iggy Pop teamed up with multi-hyphenate Josh Homme to record Grammy-nominated album "Post Pop Depression" 2015, which was to become one of Iggy's most successful albums. We accompany the duo on their world tour, culminating in an electric performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Powerful live footage and intimate behind-the-scenes insights into the evolving collaboration of the two artists. As Homme himself says in "American Valhalla", recording "Post Pop Depression" was "the coolest thing he was ever been allowed to be part of."

FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is thrilled to welcome Josh Homme and Andreas Neumann in Munich for the German premiere of "American Valhalla". After the screening on Monday, June 26 at 5:30 p.m., the co-directors will answer questions from the audience.