Day 3: 03/27/2022




7:45 am

Morning Meditation  


8 am



9 am

Time to wrap up the individual workshops: What did we talk about?


10 am

Results of Workshops 1+2

Moderation: Dorothea Grass, Alix Michell

11:15 am

Short break


11:30 am

Results of Workshops 3+4

Moderation: Christoph Gröner, Julia Weigl

12:30 pm

Closing Lunch and Dismissal: Invitation – see you at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2022 with more impulses and ideas


1:30 pm

DIVERSITY: What’s Next? (Panel)

Can the film industry evolve if society does not? What conditions what and how do we move forward?


Matthijs Wouter Knol

Philipp Kreuzer

Rosh Khodabakhsh

Helge Albers

Jerry Hoffmann

Moderation: Hatice Akyün

2:30 pm

End of conference

Panels Abschluss (1)