Film - Homage: Shin’ya Tsukamoto


Directed by Shin’ya Tsukamoto


Director: Shin’ya Tsukamoto
Section: Homage: Shin’ya Tsukamoto
Country: Japan
Year: 2004
Language: Japanese
Version: Original version with English subtitles
Cast: Tadanobu Asano, Nami Tsukamoto
18+ (no age rating)


In pensive, dreamlike images, this film explores the fragility of our lives and our memories.

A young man wakes up in the hospital after losing not only his girlfriend but also his memory in a serious car accident. Fascinated by a textbook full of forensic drawings of autopsies, he is drawn to medical school. During an autopsy course lasting several months, he identifies the female corpse in front of him as that of his deceased girlfriend.

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  • Before the film: Introduction by Shin’ya Tsukamoto


Meet the director


Shin’ya Tsukamoto

Shin’ya Tsukamoto has been a director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and actor in numerous films. He shot to fame with his first feature film, TETSUO: THE IRON MAN (1989). Most of his films, including FIRES ON THE PLAIN (2014), KILLING (2018) and SHADOW OF FIRE (2023), premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. In 2016, Tsukamoto starred in Martin Scorsese's SILENCE.


Screenplay: Shin’ya Tsukamoto
Director of Photography: Shin’ya Tsukamoto
Film Editor: Shin’ya Tsukamoto
Composer: Chu Ishikawa
Production Designer: Shin’ya Tsukamoto
Producer: Shin’ya Tsukamoto, Shinichi Kawahara
Production Company: Kaijyu Theater Co., LTD.
World Sales: NIKKATSU Corporation