Back to the future


Film screenings will again be held on mild summer evenings in the picturesque setting of Kino, Mond & Sterne.

Back to the future

On seven evenings, FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is being invited to the open-air cinema Kino, Mond & Sterne in the Westpark so that you can enjoy exhilarating outdoor premieres. In ONE FOR THE ROAD, Mark’s exhilaration comes from alcohol as he goes to move his car. The police stop him, confiscate his driver’s license, and order him to take a remedial driver instruction course. Mark makes a bet with his best friend that he won’t have another drink until he gets his license back. Helena from his course makes the same pledge, but can such a habit really be given up so easily? ONE FOR THE ROAD, starring Frederick Lau and Nora Tschirner, will be screened on Monday, June 26.

ALMA & OSKAR (Wednesday, June 28) depicts a bygone romance in early 20th-century Vienna, as Alma Mahler, the widow of Gustav Mahler, begins a passionate affair with Expressionist painter Oskar Kokoschka. He soon becomes possessive and jealous, however, while Alma tries to break with convention and become an artist herself; their two worlds collide. Marianne and Günter, alias Senta Berger and Günther Maria Halmer, journey into their own past in REMEMBER ME (Saturday, June 24). That’s not an easy thing to do after 50 years of marriage, but Günter discovers a pill that restores all their memories. The couple is once again able to reminisce about their sweetest moments, but what happens when the effect of the pill wears off?

Weißt Du Noch Online2

remember me

One For The Road Online2

one for the road

Alma Und Oskar Online2

Alma & Oskar

What it’s like to be erased from the memories of others is experienced by the four protagonists in THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE. At their point of deepest despair, they meet a mysterious man who gives them an insight into what the world would be like if they did not exist. Can this knowledge give them renewed energy? This film featuring Italian superstar Toni Servillo will be shown on Sunday, June 25.

The documentary DAS KOMBINAT (Friday, June 30), on the other hand, looks at a near and hopefully better future. For more than nine years, director Moritz Springer observed the Kartoffelkombinat, a collective of potato-growers in Munich, in their search for an alternative to the capitalist mode of production. A dystopian future awaits audiences in the sci-fi thriller LAST SENTINEL (Thursday, June 29). In the year 2063, the world is flooded; only two continents remain, and they are at war with each other. On a rusty platform, a crew of four has been holding down the last military outpost for more than two years and doesn’t really know whether the war is still going on or whether they’ve won or lost.

Das Kombinat Online1

Das Kombinat

Last Contact Online4

Last sentinel

Evelyn and her son Ziggy aren’t really at war, but their relationship is anything but relaxed. Jesse Eisenberg’s tragicomic debut film as director, WHEN YOU FINISH SAVING THE WORLD (Tuesday, June 27), paints a comical yet perceptive portrait of an estranged mother and son, brilliantly embodied by Oscar-winner Julianne Moore and STRANGER THINGS star Finn Wolfhard. A real highlight for a mild evening.

Come by Kino, Mond & Sterne and enjoy the summer and the movies with us.


All screenings at Kino, Mond & Sterne at a glance:

Sat., June 24      REMEMBER ME

Sun., June 25     THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE

Mon., June 26   ONE FOR THE ROAD


Wed., June 28   ALMA & OSKAR

Thu., June 29     LAST SENTINEL

Fri., June 30       DAS KOMBINAT

IPGDMV Online1


WYFSTW Online1

When you finish saving the world

Further screening times in the Filmfest cinemas will be announced when the complete program of the 40th FILMFEST MÜNCHEN is published on June 13. Ticket sales will start in mid-June.

You’ll find the descriptions of all the films announced thus far here.

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