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Wag the Dog

Barry Levinson

USA 1997

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Deepa Mehta

India, Canada 2005

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We Shall Overcome

Niels Arden Oplev

Denmark 2005

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The Wedding Director

Marco Bellocchio

France, Italy 2006

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What a Wonderful Place

Eyal Halfon

Israel 2005

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What Is a Man Without a Moustache?

Hrvoje Hribar

Croatia 2005

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White Palms

Szabolcs Hajdu

Hungary 2006

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The Wind Blows Round

Giorgio Diritti

Italy 2005

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Winky's Horse

Mischa Kamp

Netherlands 2005

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Winter Journey

Hans Steinbichler

Germany 2006

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Winter Kills

William Richert

USA 1979

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The Woman at the End of the Street

Claudia Garde

Germany 2005

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Women & Men 2 - Mara

Mike Figgis

USA 1991

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Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner

Freida Lee Mock

USA 2006

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