Kaspar Hauser
Filmfest 1993

The German scholar and director Peter Sehr's film KASPAR HAUSER, which won the German equivalent of the Oscar two years ago, presents this interpretation of the story as fact. The movie unfolds as a juicy historical drama in which diabolic plots and counterplots swirl around the title character from the moment he is born until he is stabbed to death by a man who has promised to reveal to him his true parentage. But the film also treats the story as a downbeat allegory about the loss of innocence in a world where cruelty and corruption defeat kindness and generosity. In the blistering performance of André Eisermann, who carries the title character from the depths of animalistic terror to a pathetic, preening grandiosity, Kaspar is presented as an emotionally naked everyman whose lunging quest for knowledge and love has a grotesque pathos.
Stephen Holden, The New York Times

tags: Feature film

Cast: André Eisermann, Udo Samel, Jeremy Clyde, Katharina Thalbach, Cécile Paoli


Director: Peter Sehr