Filmfest 2004

"EvenHand“ is the story of two very different police officers working together for the first time in a dirt-poor neighborhood in the fictional city of San Lovisa, Texas. Good cop and bad cop spend their days breaking up domestic disputes and attempting to make sense of a parade of lowlifes, firebugs and junkies. The one is is thoughtful and helpful, the other is the original Texas cowboy, all muscle and bravado: arrest 'em first, ask questions later. The characters and events intertwine until the two men must both face the consequences of their very different approaches to the job. At times riotously funny, ‘the heart of "EvenHand“ is in the relationships. The truth is in the tragedy of missed opportunities’. Joseph Pierson

tags: Feature film

Cast: Bill Sage, Bill Dawes, Lawrence Stringer, Lee Stringer, Io Tillett Wright


Director: Joseph Pierson