Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
Filmfest 2004

Unless you're a really big fan of the band, the idea of sitting through a two-and-a-half hour documentary about Metallica likely holds as much appeal as watching paint dry. But that's the incredible thing about that movie: Though aficionados will undoubtedly love the behind-the-scenes look at the making of their latest album, there's more than enough here to hold the interest of those that aren't necessarily into this kind of music. While the film kicks off with a lot of footage of the band rehearsing, it quickly becomes clear that these three guys - singer James Hetfield, guitarist Kirk Hammett, and drummer Lars Ulrich - have a lot of issues with each other, to the extent that they hire a psychiatrist to help them work through their problems. It's that sort of universality that makes "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster“ the sort of film that virtually anyone can enjoy - heavy metal fan or not.

tags: Documentary


Director: Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky