Mayor of the Sunset Strip
Filmfest 2004

Hickenlooper's documentary examines the odd life and career of Rodney Bingenheimer, champion of the cutting edge ("an awful phrase"). It's a fascinating look at an important music geek who's remained obscure even though he's responsible for the careers of everyone from X, Blondie and Joan Jett to No Doubt, Oasis and Coldplay. The film narrates his story from the day in the mid-60s when his mother dropped him off in Hollywood and he worked his way into the centre of the Sunset Strip celebrity scene. In the 70s he brought punk to America, opening a British nightclub that became the home of the in-crowd. And since the 80s his show on KROQ radio has introduced America to more bands and musicians than you can count--simply because he heard a record he liked and gave it airplay. And yet Rodney lives in a humble apartment (surrounded by priceless memorabilia) and has never profited from his links to fame.

tags: Documentary


Director: George Hickenlooper