Love me!
Filmfest 2004

Kalli is defensive and difficult, a good reason why her only real friend is Christel, a warm-hearted transsexual. With her fixed views and unbending opinions, Kalli believes herself superior to Christel, a relationship that Christel, superficially at least, seems to accept. But the well-worn dynamics of the friendship threaten to shatter after one New Year’s Eve when they are out clubbing together and the taciturn, enigmatic Norman enters their lives. Christel feels increasingly compelled to rebel against Kalli and what starts out as barbed teasing quickly turns serious. “Irony and sarcasm play a big role for me. Aside from the fact that they’re entertaining, they do a good job of showing the subtlety and contradictions of the characters.” Sylke Enders

tags: Feature film

Cast: Franziska Jünger, Torsten Schwick, Lennie Burmeister, Paul Faßnacht, Hinnerk Schönemann


Director: Sylke Enders