Ana and the Others
Filmfest 2004

Ana is returning to Parana for her class reunion after years living in Buenos Aires. Her pal Nati is now happily married with a cute little girl. And as she catches up with her classmates, she begins to think about her school boyfriend Mariano, who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. But no one seems to know where he is now. Mariano's best friend isn't even sure - they fell out over their feelings for Ana and rarely keep in touch. Now it's up to a young boy, to finally give her the nerve (and the means) to confront her past. They're all still as obsessed about relationships as they were back in school; and Ana realises that those past emotions maybe weren't as shallow as she thought. Some things have changed... but others haven't...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Camila Toker, Ignacio Uslenghi, Juan Cruz Díaz la Barba, Natacha Massera


Director: Celina Murga