Fallen Angel: Gram Parsons
Filmfest 2004

Thirty years after his early death, this is the first-ever documentary about music legend Gram Parson, generally regarded as one of the pioneers of the country-rock genre. Blending acoustic rock with the bluesy hony-tonk of country, his groundbreaking style, influenced groups like the Eagles and the Rolling Stones. On 19 September, 1973, he died of an overdose of morphine and tequila near his favorite place, the Joshua Tree National Monument in the California desert. Rare footage of his performances shows why he has become a legend. Interviewees include Keith Richards, Emmylou Harris, Chris Hillman and road manager Phil Kaufmann, who, after the funeral, stole Parsons' body, in accordance with Parsons' wishes, took it back to Joshua Tree and cremated it. (That bizarre story is dealt with in the current feature film release, "Grand Theft Parsons“.)

tags: Documentary


Director: Gandulf Hennig