Immediate Boarding
Filmfest 2004

Eleven-year-olds Martin and Julia first meet in an airport lounge while waiting for their respective flights. Not only do the children look extremely similar, they also happen to share the same fate: Martin and Julia’s mothers and fathers live in separation and as so often before, they find themselves shuttling off to one of their parents. Both children are fed up of always being on the move – particularly because these weekend meetings are never without some form of conflict. The two children decide to swap outfits and tickets and – hey presto – Julia becomes Martin and Martin turns into Julia. What’s more, their parents don’t even notice their children’s transformation...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Amanda Davin, Jørgen Langhelle, Helena Af Sandeberg, Torkel Petersson, Julia Ragnarsson


Director: Ella Lernhagen