Somewhere in Europe
Filmfest 2004

At the end of WWII, a gang of orphaned boys wander along backroads, stealing food and surviving any way they can. They chance upon an abandoned castle they decide to live in and, while looting, discover the castle's lone inhabitant: Peter Simon, a famous orchestra conductor spiritually and emotionally destroyed by his wartime experiences. They are hostile towards him at first but he slowly wins their trust and gives them something to believe in. They, in turn, give him a purpose in life and he battles local officials who want to get rid of them. Radványi used boys he found on the streets to play the kids. The camerawork of Barnabas Hegyi is outstanding.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Artúr Somlay, Miklós Gábor, Zsuzsa Bánki, György Bárdy


Director: Géza Radványi