Duck Season
Filmfest 2004

Catharsis provides the climax, but not the only point of interest in "Duck Season". Two teenage boys are spending a Sunday home alone. One is trying to decide with which parent to stay after their impending divorce. When you expect a screwball comedy, there are moments of tension, moments of anguish, some laughs, moments of almost Zen-like meditation. The film is full of homages and filmic in-jokes as well as musical references, but it doesn't stop there; it keeps working with the audience, touching on relationships, growing pains, the doubts of love and desire, the frustration of starting a career, getting the job you should instead of the one you wish for... Life as it is in any city of the planet, the blessings of globalization. Lucy Virgen

tags: Feature film

Cast: Diego Cataño, Daniel Miranda, Enrique Arreola, Danny Perea


Director: Fernando Eimbcke