I Don't Know What Your Eyes Have Done to Me
Filmfest 2004

Ada Falcòn was one of the great legends of Argentine tango history. The film’s title is the title of one of her most famous songs. Known for her enchanting green eyes and passionate mezzosoprano voice, she rose to fame in the twenties and thirties, and became known as a haughty Hollywood-style diva. And then she suddenly disappeared, trading a life in the limelight for a life of mysticism and asceticism in the Fransisco order. As directors Wolf and Muñoz search for her all over Argentina attempting to unravel the mystery, we are shown clips of her performances. As their enlightening investigation of time and history progresses, it also shows the impossibility of fully capturing the past, even when they succeed in tracking down the elderly recluse.

tags: Documentary


Director: Sergio Wolf, Lorena Muñoz