Emil and the Detectives
Filmfest 2004

Billy Wilder worked on the script for this first adaptation of Erich Kästner’s classic detective story about a boy, the big city, friendship and the victory of imagination over evil. Emil is on a train to Berlin to visit his grandmother. A man in a bowler hat gives him a piece of candy and by the time Emil wakes up from the strangest dream he’s ever had, the train is in Berlin and the money Emil’s mother gave him for his grandmother is gone. His cash may be gone but Emil hasn’t lost his wits. He soon connects with a gang of street kids with a remarkable communications network (especially for the time) and together, they hunt down the man in the bowler hat. The film was an enormous box office success and continued to be shown after the Nazis came to power in 1933, even after Kästner’s books were banned and Billy Wilder had long since fled the country. Beautiful, sun-drenched shots of Berlin that disappeared forever in WWII. empfohlen ab 6 Jahren

tags: Feature film

Cast: Rolf Wenkhaus, Käthe Haack, Fritz Rasp, Rudolf Biebrach, Olga Engl


Director: Gerhard Lamprecht