The Endless Summer 2
Filmfest 2004

One of the charms of the movie is that it adheres so rigorously to the world view that man exists to surf, and waves exist to allow him to. Ultimate bliss is a "60-second ride," after which, "no matter how many times it happens," the lucky surfer feels "stoked."... There is such a harmless innocence about all of this that it's seductive. Surfers, like all hobbyists, have a certain madness: They see the world through the prism of their specialty. Nothing else matters. "If you spent one day at every place where surfers ride the waves," the movie tells us wistfully, "it would take you 50 years go visit all of them." But boy, when you got through, would you be stoked. Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, June 3, 1994

tags: Documentary


Director: Bruce Brown