Am I Sexy?
Filmfest 2004

Mareike goes to high school and wants to become a model. With her determination, nothing’s going to get in her way, even if she is a little pleasingly plump. She lives with her single Mom, Jutta, her sister, Franca, and her brother, Tim, in a suburb. Jutta doesn’t make enough at her job as a department store detective to grant Mareike’s wish of going to a modeling school come true and is turned off at first by Mareike’s fixation with her body. Mareike falls for a boy of Arab descent, and, in order to impress him, takes bellydance lessons. Jutta eventually has to admit the dancing has given her daughter a genuine zest for life. But then Mareike’s hair starts falling out as the result of an immune sytem disorder. The teenager’s world falls apart...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Marie-Luise Schramm, Birge Schade, Johanna Fritz, Ismail Streit, Andreas Schmidt


Director: Katinka Feistl