What the Eye Doesn't See
Filmfest 2004

Lombardi tells us six tales set a particularly harsh political moment in Peruvian history: the fall of the Fujimori regime as a result of what was known as the ”vladi-video” scandal showing the presidential advisor Vladimiro Montesinos bribing people of national importance. A movie denouncing the hypocrisy, opportunism and corruption of political power. – A Peruvian entry into the urban-intersections genre ("Short Cuts“, "City of Hope“ etc.), set in Lima. Novelistic knitting-together of stories. More explicitly topical/political than most in the genre. Perhaps ”political telenovela” would be closer to the mark: filmed by Costa-Gavras fan who’s seen "Magnolia“. Tendrils of corruption affect all strata of society, from army/law on down. Exploitation of women by men (not one but two moustachioed lechers – one of them, scheming to have his wicked way with a teenage virgin, is straight from the Victorian-villain archives). Blood on military bloke’s pristine white uniform: we get the point. All revolves around hospital, a sure sign of melodrama ... www.jigsawlounge.co.uk - Neil Young

tags: Feature film

Cast: Gianfranco Brero, Gustavo Bueno, Patricia Pereyra, Paul Vega


Director: Francisco Lombardi