Los Angeles Plays Itself
Filmfest 2004

"Los Angeles Plays Itself“ is a thoughtful and sublimely articulate stream of consciousness piece that explores Hollywood's historical mythification. The film demystifies the popular misconception and fallacy of the city's economic dependence on the movie industry and the perceptional distortion of his beloved native town as an epicenter for moral corruption, desolation, and decadent excess. Drawing provocative social implications in the bureaucratic decision to curtail development of the public mass transportation system in favor of automobile ownership and the construction of freeways, Andersen traces the development of an indigenous - and consequently, more representationally Los Angeles - cinema. ”Guided by his wickedly observant, thought-provoking narration, Andersen culls a critical history - and counter-history - of Los Angeles via clips from an eclectic list of movies. Frequently sardonic, at times flat-out funny, Andersen simply notices things about these movies the rest of us don’t.” Sean Farnel

tags: Documentary


Director: Thom Andersen