21 Love Letters
Filmfest 2004

Franziska Luginsland is 39 and single. She has been corresponding with a man she has never met, with whom she came into contact via a ‘personal’ ad in a newspaper. But on their first date he stands her up. Franziska learns why in the daily paper - he’ s been brutally murdered. She calls the police to get her letters back and soon finds herself a suspect. It seems her pen-pal was using an assumed identity, that of one of his friends, the owner of a nightclub. He and Franziska soon become more than allies in their search for the truth and the murderer...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Katja Flint, Harald Schrott, August Schmölzer, Günther Maria Halmer, Petra Perle


Screenplay: Friedrich Ani

Director: Nina Grosse