Nina's Tragedies
Filmfest 2004

Through the eyes of Nadav, a sensitive teenage boy Oedipally smitten with his beautiful Aunt Nina, we scrutinize the unpredictable machinations of adults as they stumble through excruciating loss, mind-blowing sex, bizarre coincidence, mortal illness, and even birth. At times, everyone disappoints Nadav, but in Gabizon's expansive universe, there is plenty of room for human fallibility, oddity, and diversity. Anything goes--Hassids dance in the streets with yuppies, Azerbaijani immigrants study sleep disorders, army officers write poetry, teenagers fantasize about their adulterous aunts, and a strange man wanders naked in the streets. Caroline Libresco, Sundance Film Festival Catalog 2004

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ayelet Zurer, Yoram Hattab, Alon Aboutboul, Aviv Elkabeth, Anat Waxman


Director: Savi Gabizon