Grand Theft Parsons
Filmfest 2004

Gram Parsons had made a pact with friend and road manager Phil Kaufman that if either one of them died young, the other would sidestep the usual funeral rituals and cremate the corpse in the desert in Joshua Tree National Park. Though Parsons' relatives had more orthodox plans, Kaufman kept his promise, stealing his friend's body from LA airport, transporting it to the required location, and then drunkenly torching it. In this often poignant black comedy, he and a flower power hearse-driving hippy are pursued by Parsons’ gold-digging ex-girlfriend, his father and the California state police. “As a universal fable about grand, reckless gestures and unbreakable bonds, and as a very funny road movie, it’s a minor triumph.” Jack Seale, The Horse

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jamie McShane, Johnny Knoxville, Danielle Sapia, Gabriel Macht, Robert Alan Beuth


Director: David Caffrey