Filmfest 2004

In the year 2024, life in the open air is no longer possible for great numbers of people with fragile immune systems. They spend their lives in enormous, sterile ‘hives’. One day, when Mick is working on the glass facade of one of these structures, something inconceivable happens. His ‘dead’ girlfriend, Lilia, enters the room. Even though they’re separated by the thick glass, they are both overcome with joy. But even these fleeting moments become endangered when the gruesome secret of the hives leaks out. Lilia is in great danger. In a world in which cold, unemotional technology determines people’s lives, life itsself may be the only thing you have left.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Fabian Busch, Denise Zich, Michael Pan, Jana Thies, Wanja Mues


Director: Thomas Grampp