Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession
Filmfest 2004

"Z Channel: A Magnifizent Obsession" explores the historic influence of Z Channel; showcases the important voice the station gave filmmakers; examines the great influence the Los Angeles-based channel had on modern cinema, independent filmmaking, and the development of cable television; and chronicles the brilliant, but troubled Jerry Harvey and the murder/suicide that ended his life. Those sharing their thoughts and memories include Robert Altman, Jacqueline Bisset, James Woods, Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch, Alexander Payne, Theresa Russell, Vilmos Zsigmond and film critics F.X. Feeney and Kevin Thomas. “A magnificent documentary about a man who sought solace in the movies, but in the end could not escape the torments of real life.” Kirk Honeycutt, The Hollywood Reporter, May 17, 2004

tags: Documentary


Director: Xan Cassavetes