Three-Step Dance
Filmfest 2004

Set in Sardinia, the film is broken into four episodes that match the four seasons. Each episode focuses on different characters typical of Sardinia, all of different ages, and the fates of these characters overlap from one episode to another... Mereu plays down an emphasis on drama to create what he has called a 'choral narration' with an understated and poetic approach to story telling. He achieves an intense atmosphere through his visual style and skillful mise-en-scene, shaped by his seasonal structure. There is a feeling of authentic regional realism, and an ability to present us with events that are poetic and magical. S.F., International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2004

tags: Feature film

Cast: Yaël Abecassis, Caroline Ducey, Massimo Sarchielli, Michele Carboni


Director: Salvatore Mereu