Salvador Allende
Filmfest 2004

A documentary on his life and times, from his childhood to his death on September 11, 1973, the day on which a coup d'état was launched, instigated by the American government, to destroy the peaceful and democratic revolution which had occurred in Chile by eliminating its President, Salvador Allende - that ‘son-of-a-bitch’ as Richard Nixon liked to refer to him. Later, those in power ended up blaming the victims, as if everything had just been the nightmare of a dreamer named Salvador Allende. “Patricio Guzmán's heartbreaking probe of Chile's revolution, the Pinochet coup, and the long entangled aftermath will be considered in centuries to come one of the most eloquent and daring explorations of revolution and repression, hope and memory, to survive our sorry times. What Guzmán passionately and clinicly observes in Chile is valid for the whole world.” Ariel Dorfman

tags: Documentary


Director: Patricio Guzmán