Chhattisgarh Sketches
Filmfest 2004

"Chhattisgarh Sketches" is an artist's journal, a sketch-book of impressions from a journey in April-June, 2003, to Chhattisgarh, India, where the filmmaker spent several months teaching low-cost DV production to lower-caste and tribals in Raipur. The material of the film is from weekend visits to the villages where the students lived, and from Raipur. The mode is highly impressionistic, fleeting images saturated with vivid color, and carrying the sense of time, the heat, the go-slow torpor of this very interesting, and very poor region of India. The work includes at its conclusion some minutes of materials shot by the students in Raipur, most of whom had never filmed previously.

tags: Experimental


Director: Jon Jost