My Sister's Father
Filmfest 2005

19-year-old Paul is about to finish his apprenticeship as a chef. Apart from culinary creations, he is planning a journey to India to visit his father‘s grave. His mother suddenly confesses to him that she invented the story of his father's death. He didn't die on an expedition, he's alive and lives in the same city as them. Paul is the result of a fling. When Paul finally gets up his courage and introduces himself to his father, the meeting ends in a disaster. His father never told his own wife and daughter of Paul‘s existence. He wants to keep a lid on the past and offers Paul a check. Deeply hurt, Paul tries to force him to accept him as his son...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ludwig Blochberger, Christian Berkel, Katharina Schüttler, Johanna Gastdorf, Thomas Thieme


Director: Christoph Stark