The Garbage Dragon
Filmfest 2005

A dragon once lived / in a far-away country. He had two small wings, / but he couldn‘t fly. But he could blow smoke / out of his nose. When the king and queen of this country / saw him, they trembled with fear. They tried to chase him away. If this lamp lands on his head, / he'll clear off, the king said. But the king was no good at aiming. /Nor was the queen. The dragon put the lamp on his back. / The mattress and the umbrella too. / Everything the king and queen threw / down, he carried to his den. The dragon's den / became really cosy. The dragon made tea in the royal teapot / and sat on the royal chair. Perfectly satisfied he blew out smoke. / He thought about the king and queen. They'll need a new lamp, he laughed. from the series "My Favourite Picture Book"

tags: Animation, Short film


Director: Christiaan Coenraads