Rain is Falling
Filmfest 2005

Somewhere forgotten. A girl works hard to bring water back home, taking care of the house and her sick mother. – Water plays a metaphoric role in this short film. Being an essential part of day to day life, it is not to be taken for granted and is a hard job to get. Water, the basic elixir of life suddenly turns into a threat. And as only a child can, the girl finds a simple but fulfilling solution; completing the "Circle". – "In a time in which all borders of ethnic, religious and cultural differences are being questioned, RAIN IS FALLING makes a connection, takes a look into a foreign world and encourages a dialogue between the worlds of strangers. RAIN IS FALLING tells the story of a solution, that comparatively abstracts the big in the small. Love and humanity lifts up the most simple action to redemption, that may bridge human as well as cultural gaps." Holger Ernst

tags: Short film

Cast: Abdellah et Tagoum, Fadma et Tagoum, Zehra et Tagoum


Director: Holger Ernst