Turtles on Their Backs
Filmfest 2005

Trieste is the city which serves as the setting for "Him" and "Her" aged about thirty. In the visiting room of a prison, they reconstruct the pieces of their story of missed meetings, between one game of Scrabble and the other. The words built up on the board of the game open up chapters of the past that concern them. They have unconsciously grazed each other all their lives. Between them only a turtle, a token of adolescent love. They meet again in an operating room: She as the surgeon, He as the patient. As they gradually spend time together, objects, photographs and interrupted phrases come to the surface again, bringing them back to their shared childhood. When She is raped by a dock worker, He reacts with the aggressiveness that characterises him...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Barbora Bobulova, Fabrizio Rongione, Gordana Miletic, Luigi Diberti


Director: Stefano Pasetto