Filmfest 2005

Oktoberfest is about various people, tourists and locals, whose lives interact on the last day of the world's largest beer festival. Alessandro falls in love with a Japanese girl, Tamiko, who is on her honeymoon and discovers that her husband can't hold his liquor (or in this case, beer). Birgit, a waitress in a beer tent, is also having marital problems with her husband, Max, a musician playing in the band. Talla, a dishwasher from Senegal, is trying to get up the nerve to tell Birgit how he feels about her. Sixteen-year-old Jenny has other problems. She loses her little brother Marc in the crowd...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Barbara Rudnik, Peter Lohmeyer, Gundi Ellert, Mina Tander, August Schmölzer


Director: Johannes Brunner