Velvet Goldmine
Filmfest 2005

It‘s easy to describe what writer- director Todd Haynes does in Velvet Goldmine as a swooningly sexy tribute to the rude boys in mascara and heels who detonated the musical and sexual explosion of Seventies glam rock. It‘s easy to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers‘ fictional Brian Slade as the essence of Bowie glitter right down to his Ziggy Stardust alter ego, here called Maxwell Demon, whose murder he fakes onstage. Likewise, Ewan McGregor gives Curt Wild the suck-my-cock swagger of the Iggy Pop who transfixed Bowie. Rhys Meyers and McGregor throw themselves into the makeup, the clothes, the drugs, the bi sex and the blazing music with a dynamism that is never less than mesmeric.
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Toni Colette, Christian Bale, Eddie Izzard


Director: Todd Haynes