3-Minute Heroes
Filmfest 2005

A film about the red light district in Hamburg. It plays itself. The megalomaniacal DJ Miles, who's deep in debt to loan sharks, is on the run. Timo is out looking for sex. Zsa-Zsa is a seamstress who lets Miles rob and betray her - but she loves him. Coco used to be a bar girl. Miles gets killed. Coco avenges him because Zsa-Zsa can't do it. Coco, who has never been in love in her life, falls for Timo. - Klaus Lemke, Production Notes "After watching the first three scenes I thought I was watching a teen club video. A few minutes later I was mumbling something like 'masterpiece'." German critic and filmmaker Harun Farocki

tags: Feature film

Cast: Claudia Grimm, Timo Jacobs, Miles Terheggen


Director: Klaus Lemke