The Last Movie
Filmfest 2005

O.K., it's tricky, crowded, overly intellectualized. The narrative base cannot support with complete comfort the archetypal - and myth-ridden - superstructure. It is something like the cinematic equivalent of Albee's "Tiny Alice", in which a root image of a house within a house is elaborated into a thematic edifice of cosmic dimensions. Even if Hopper, like Albee, can't fully furnish his house, he has nonetheless tried to erect a grander construction than most creators would dare. And his massive structure, with its beautiful views and its perfectly finished corners rightfully commands more respect and attention than it has received. Foster Hirsch, The New York Times, 24. 10. 1971

tags: Feature film

Cast: Julie Adams, Daniel Ades, Richmond L. Aguilar, John Alderman, Michael Anderson Jr.


Director: Dennis Hopper