Even Dwarfs Started Small
Filmfest 2005

In certain respects, this film is as unapologetic and affirming as Tod Browning‘s FREAKS, and, by similarly assuming the point-of-view of the "freaks", EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL turns the rest of society into the outcasts and monsters. As Herzog progresses as an artist, we‘ll find the idea of an individual forced by circumstance and nature to lay bare the contents of his lizard brain amidst ritual and ruins surfacing again and again, but even at the height of his artistry, there are few films in the director‘s portfolio as beautifully shot, scored, and composed as this one. Walter Chaw, filmfreakcentral

tags: Feature film

Cast: Helmut Döring, Paul Glauer, Gisela Hertwig, Hertel Minkner, Gertrud Piccini


Director: Werner Herzog