The Wildcat
Filmfest 2005

Not only in its grim lampooning of war and militarism did this film overstep the limits of its time. Joe Hembus: "Lubitsch broke with the seemingly unavoidable need to be satisfied with a pre-established format. As a painter that feels painting all images on the same rectangular canvas is unacceptable and irrational given his goals, Lubitsch edits his film screen according to forms and formats suitable to the contents of the image. Nothing like this had existed until then, and what emerged much later in modern films, from experiments with split-screen, can only very half-heartedly measure up to what Lubitsch was able to do here."

tags: Feature film

Cast: Pola Negri, Victor Janson, Marga Köhler, Paul Heidemann, Wilhelm Diegelmann


Director: Ernst Lubitsch