Tang Tang
Filmfest 2005

TANG TANG is a normal man by day, but at night switches his persona and becomes a woman. His transformation is so complete that he is able to perform and make a living in bars in Beijing. Though his lifestyle is far from the norms of Chinese society, Tangtang feels no disgrace or dishonor. When Tangtang falls in love with another man, they live happily together for a while - until the man leaves Tangtang. Xun and Lily, a lesbian couple, happen to watch Tangtang’s performance one night and are mesmerized. They quickly become friends. Later, Xun and Lily’s relationship deteriorates, Xun is left behind. In their desperation, Tangtang and Xun eventually become lovers with Tangtang in the role of the woman and Xun in the role of the man. Their life appears as normal as any heterosexual relationship: quarreling, watching TV and cooking.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Xiaoyu Wang, Xu Lin, Lei Zhan


Director: Zhang Hanzi