Filmfest 2005

"I can‘t claim complete familiarity with every incarnation of Ultraman - God knows there have been enough of them - but I really did enjoy ULTRAMAN: THE NEXT hugely. It works not just as a new version of a cinematic/televisual icon, and not just as a terrific sci-fi romp, but as one of the new breed of more sensible kaiju eiga... If you can accept the basics, then what you will find here is a well-written, well-made, exciting, thought-provoking science fiction adventure which explores its premise and builds to a rip-roaring finale. It‘s not your parents‘ Ultraman." mjsimpson.co.uk

tags: Feature film

Cast: Tetsuya Bessho, Kyôko Tôyama, Ken'ya Ohsumi


Director: Kazuaya Konaka