The Eleven Devils
Filmfest 2005

A rich, professional football club attempts to get its hands on the center forward of a small team whose members fight over the leather ball out of pure love of the game. With the help of a fat contract and a woman. But the hero finally decides to stay with his club after all and keep his attractive blonde fiance. And with his help, the small club beats the larger one at the end of the picture... Gustav Fröhlich in the leading role is strong, lovable and manly, a real sports hero who is as popular with the players as he is with the girls. When he stands on the field with the wind blowing through his hair he looks like a young war god... The film has tempo and pep, furious action around the ball, brilliant moves, first-class players. With the right advertising, every theater owner will do good business with it. Georg Herzberg, Film-Kurier, 21.10.1927 The advertising campaign called the movie 'The First Big Football Motion Picture'.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Gustav Fröhlich, Evelyn Holt, Lissy Arna, Fritz Alberti


Director: Zoltan Korda