Carmen Comes Home
Filmfest 2005

The first Japanese color film. Exotic dancer Carmen returns from Tokyo to visit her father, accompanied by her lovesick sidekick Maya. With her vibrant scarlet dress complemented by Maya‘s yellow and black striped number, the two girls are soon turning heads as they wander around the countryside, dreaming of Paris. A mishap with Maya‘s undergarments at a public athletics meeting is the cherry on the cake. Typical of the output of Shochiku‘s Ofuna studios, CARMEN COMES HOME highlights Keisuke‘s predilection for making his female characters the thematic axis... A light-heartedly humorous take on post-war female emancipation. Jasper Sharp,

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hideko Takamine, Shûji Sano, Chishû Ryû, Kuniko Igawa, Takeshi Sakamoto


Director: Keisuke Kinoshita