Filmfest 2005

Masako is the kind of person about whom the neighbors say, "She was quiet. She mostly kept to herself. We never dreamed she would do something like this."... (after murdering her sadistic sister), at first, she is able to evade capture just because she‘s beneath notice. But her flight from justice is also a personal awakening, as she makes the real friends she never had in her little room above the Kobe dry cleaners. More than that, she seizes every chance she has to do the things normal people do but she never could. Yet, emerging as a human being brings her closer to capture and she‘s forced to cut short her newfound friendships when she feels the law on her trail. Joshua Tanzer, OffOffOff.com

tags: Feature film

Cast: Naomi Fujiyama, Etsushi Toyokawa, Michiyo Ôkusu


Director: Junji Sakamoto