Kissed by Winter
Filmfest 2005

Screenwriter Ståle Stein Berg and I are both interested in death, we are afraid of it, and we have problems accepting it. Therefore the initial idea for the story KISSED BY WINTER was to tell the story of a woman that wanted to be God, and raised above death. However as the story progressed she would have to ask for forgiveness. We wanted to work with a character who was strong and independent, but at the same time troubled by guilt and burdened by a loss she cannot come to terms with. Her development would be the main focus of the story. I also wanted to create a scene with a young, wounded man lying in the snow, a man who is waiting for death, but is not afraid. These two characters are complete opposites, one is incapable of connecting with her emotions and the other is consumed with his emotions. Together these two characters were the starting point for two separate stories that would gradually intertwine. Sara Johnsen

tags: Feature film

Cast: Annika Hallin, Kristoffer Joner, Fridtjov Såheim, Göran Ragnerstam


Director: Sara Johnsen