Eyes of the Spider
Filmfest 2005

Shot back-to-back, EYES OF THE SPIDER and SERPENT‘S PATH both feature actor Sho Aikawa as „Niijima,“ who seeks revenge for the gangland murder of his friend‘s daughter - but otherwise (and in typical Kurosawa fashion), the two films are wildly different. EYES OF THE SPIDER, with its overflowing body count, is humorous, with goofily-conflicted characters -- such as a fossil-collecting gang boss -- who somehow retain their humanity despite the insanity around them. With Ren Osugi (HANA-BI, BROTHER). GreenCine.com SPIDER opens with Aikawa’s Mr. Niijima already holding his suspect captive, and focuses on the aftermath: he stumbles into employment with a pack of comically bumbling, two-bit hitmen. Numbed by grief and unassuaged rage, the salaryman turns out to be the most effective killer of the group. Michael Welles, Ghost World: Some Films of Kiyoshi Kurosawa

tags: Feature film

Cast: Shô Aikawa, Dankan, Ren Ôsugi, Satoshi Kajiwara


Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa