Holy Guests
Filmfest 2005

Jerusalem. Moshe and Mali, a barren Orthodox couple, find themselves totally broke and destitute on the eve of the Jewish Holy day of Succot (Tabernacle). As they pray desperately to the Lord to save them, the impossible happens. Their prayer is heard and they accidentally receive a charitable donation. A miracle however doesn‘t come without a test. Two escaped convicts appear uninvited on the couple‘s doorstep. They are former friends from Moshe‘s shady secular past. Moshe and Mali believe if they follow the religious custom of receiving guests (Ushpizin) God will bless them with children. But God works in mysterious ways. The outrageous behavior of these unholy messengers puts Moshe and Mali's faith to the ultimate test.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Shuli Rand, Michal Bat-Sheva Rand, Shaul Mizrahi


Director: Gidi Dar